Elizabeth House, St Peter's Square

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Elizabeth House, owned by Argent, is to be redeveloped as One St Peter's Square

I've long since wondered what is going on with this building, and thanks to a good friend of mine, I now know. It's being demolished!

Manchester is a great example of beautiful architectural design, but this isn't one of them - it's one of the many buildings that popped up in the 60's when this design was considered "fashionable".

I've been passed it quite a few times over the years, and noticed how all the shops in it have been disappearing as time is going on. Whilst I am happy to see this building being replaced, unfortunately it seems to be encompassing the old Odeon Cinema just along Oxford Road which should be preserved and regenerated in to another cinema, perhaps the CornerHouse should consider obtaining it? Bit late I think for that now which is a shame.

The new building looks very nice and seems from the picture to be in keeping with the rest of St Peter's Square with the columns mirroring the library across the way.

What do you think of 60's buildings like this? Should they all be replaced with more "viewer friendly" architecture?

Thank you to Tom for the information and I hope you can visit his blog also.

  • Comment from: bluejovanka
    04/07/11 @ 05:10:55 pm

    The block at the moment is a bit of an eyesore, so I understand why its being done away with

    Its frustrating however to see the place next door just being left to rot, many cities now have “budget” cinemas that show older films at a cheaper price. I would love that to happen here

  • Stuart Grout
    Comment from: Stuart Grout
    12/06/12 @ 08:47:39 pm

    The new building will be a future eyesore that will leave the St. Peter’s square in shadow for most of the day.

    Despite the dishonesty of the ‘artists impression’ the new building will be much bigger than Elizabeth House and will clearly tower over everything around it.

    Given that it is easy to remodel and recover building from the 60/70 (just look around at the tower blocks being clad) it would have been more environmental to have done that with Elizabeth House, but maybe not as profitable for the developer.

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