MANCHESTER favourite girl band PINS hit the decks this Friday at Night & Day

Night & Day
antics Clubnight returns for the first of two Friday night spezials. Hitting the stage from 8pm are DUDS - A brand new Manchester garage beast has emerged to replace the much missed Abjects. Plus a couple of debut's from Lavender - From the ashes of the very short lived Saturn Grove comes this new psych-drenched-Manchester super beast and PINES - Folk-Psych sounds and more debut action from Manchester's newest stars.
Once 11 o'clock hits, the guitars are put down and the records are pulled out with Manchester (and possible the world's) favourite girl band PINS taking over the decks plus antics Clubnight DJs.
Expect the usual mix of cult indie, electronica, psychedelia and disco.
Or £3 on the door after 11pm

Press Release: THE ORDINARY BOYS to play NIGHT & DAY CAFE this Autumn


00's indie-pop hero's THE ORDINARY BOYS 

are back and coming to Manchester.

Support comes from North West bands Faitala and Flight of Arrows. 




In a busy world you probably didn’t notice that The Ordinary Boys had gone anywhere. Nevermind, they’re back(!) with a brand new album and a 25 date tour.

Their new record ‘Real Life’ is coming out in October through Republic of Music. They are back to the original line-up from debut album Over The Counter Culture, plus the addition of Louis Jones from celebrated power-pop band Spectrals.

The band have been in the studio with Rory Atwell (the Vaccines, Veronica Falls) and MJ (of Hookworms) this past year and Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis) is on mixing duties.

Manchester's Faitala and Preston indie-rock band Flight of Arrows will also be on the bill

Doors: 7pm 

Ages: 18+ 

Date: 8th November 2015

Venue: Night & Day Cafe


Tickets now on sale at Night & Day Cafe £10:


For more information and guestlist accreditation please contact Gareth Butterworth or Tommy Ford on: 0161 236 1822 alternatively [email protected] or [email protected]



Gareth Butterworth



Night & Day Cafe

Ryan Jarvis – Moving Far Too Fast (Single Review) By Ian Jackson

Ryan Jarvis – Moving Far Too Fast (Single Review)

By Ian Jackson

Eromeda Records 2015

Looking way back into my distant past I recall arriving in Manchester at the train station in 1989 all the way from …Watford.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Watford, I love the place I grew up there but it was and perhaps never shall be the ‘hip’ center of ‘cool’ that Manchester was then and still is today.

Back then one Mr Tony Wilson had met me and took me for a tour around the city and talked (and he COULD talk) for hours about socialism and the cities industrial past and of course, his much beloved night club and record label.

I had a hint of De Ja Vu when I arrived at Piccadilly train station this time around.

Andrew James Barclay to give him his full name set up Eromeda Records over 5 years ago with his sister and brother. Andrew was giving me a grand tour of the ‘Northern Quarter’ area of Manchester, seemingly very proud of his city.

And funnily enough, he’s a socialist idealist, just like Tony was.

I’m not comparing the two men in anyway side from one glaring and very obvious thing, the eye for talent and the joy of seeing talented men and women thrive. Ryan’s story with Eromeda started nearly 4 years ago.

David Barclay had been sifting through unsigned singer-songwriter acts for weeks.

He’d become depressed by what he was hearing. A rash of very promising artists

but nobody with ‘star quality’.

Upon hearing Ryan’s ‘Outside This Town EP’ Andy and David decided that Ryan was such a star and signed up him with a view to developing a raw talent into something polished and ready to blow music fans heads off.

All involved have succeeded.

‘Moving Far Too Fast’ is the perfect pop song.

Its melodies are spritely and slight but hang together like a wonderful frame for Ryan to hang his lyrics over.

Its perhaps the simplicity of Ryan’s work that saw this single peak at 28 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts (two notches above Ed Sheeran).

The lyrics are simple. They tell simple stories. The melodies are simple. They lodge into the listeners mind like some form of musical ear worm and refuse to leave until you get your next fix of the song.

A great debut A side and one I’m sure he’s very proud of.

The B Side is a Piano version of his earlier crowd favourite ‘Outside This Town’.

It’s not the greatest recorded music I’ve ever heard I’ll be honest.

Although for a B Side its an interesting curiosity but the main treat here is the

single itself and what a single it is.

Maybe you can tell by now that I enjoyed Ryan’s work?

I’m also seeing a wide cross section of possible fans. I’m 53 in November.

My daughter is 19 herself soon and she loves Ryan’s single as much as I do.

Hopefully my next trip up to Manchester will be to meet and interview Ryan.

Until then I’ll keep this song on spin cycle, I implore you to do the same.

There are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful right now.

Summer is nearly over, but let's not lament about the end of the season. There are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful right now. Here are just a few of things that are putting a smile on my face right now...


1. The prolonged period of roadworks in Manchester is coming to an end!

As well as that whacking great hole on the Mancunian Way being repaired, direct trams are running through the city again from Friday. NO MORE REPLACEMENT BUSES!!

2. Manchester Pride is celebrating it's silver anniversary. 

It may have changed a lot over the years and people can have polarising opinions of it, but the fact that this event is now 25 years old is definitely something to celebrate! I hope that everyone attending has a great time and bucket loads of cash are raised for a great cause.

3. Jess Glynne 

4. Antony Murphy on Gaydio

Most radio now has become very safe and generic with no sense of fun anymore, so it's always pleasing whenever I hear this guy with his 90s show on Sunday nights.

So many great songs from the best decade of music! It really has been a perfect way to close the week :)

5. Pixar has got its mojo back!

The last few years for Pixar haven't really been the best. There have been too many sequals not really reaching the high standar set by film like Up and Wall-E. So when I saw Inside Out for the first time I was absolutely elated! It already is a true classic and, for me, the best film of the year so far. 

6. Who's Back

 Do I need to say more? Like most Doctors, Mr Capaldi has had an uneven first series, but I have every faith that now he has settled in to the role that things are going to be marvellous!

 So these are so of my reasons to be cheerful at the moment. Is there anything else that deserves a mention? Please let me know and have a great Bank Holiday!


Retrochart August 1995 - Blur Vs Oasis



Can you believe that 1995 was 20 years ago? Obviously it is but it really doesn't feel like it.

I remember the summer of 1995 being a pretty damn good one! I went to the Hacienda and Benidorm that summer - something that would never happen again after thay year for obvious reasons

My bank that then were also throwing all sorts of benefits for students, the one I used the most were the heavily discounted Cinema tickets at the Cannon Cinema in Salford. 


 Remember this place?


Looking at the top movies of the time however,  I don't think I was enjoying myself much - it's fair to say that this year wasn't a classic when it came to cinema!

1 Waterworld

2 Batman Forever

3 Casper

4 Free Willy 2 

5 Judge Dredd

6 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

7 The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain

8 Bad Boys

The best film of the Summer by a long way was Bad Boys, who would have though that Michael Bay would go on to make such awful trash? 


In the news, only one event seemed to have happened around this time - the launch of WINDOWS 95! 

Start button, I love you :D


The Uk top 40 this week got more publucity than ever. Brit Pop bands Blur and Oasis decided to release their singles on the same day and the press milked it to death making it a battle between the North and the South (it really wasn't!)

In the end, Blur won. It was worth it just to see the smug smiles wiped off Liam and Noel!

1 Blur Country House
2 Oasis Roll With It
3 The Original I Luv U Baby
4 Take That Never Forget
5 TLC Waterfalls
6 Clock Everybody
7 Seal Kiss From A Rose / I'm Alive
8 JX Son Of A Gun
9 Michael Jackson You Are Not Alone
10 Corona Try Me Out
11 Michelle Gayle Happy Just To Be With You
12 Madonna Human Nature
13 Diana King Shy Guy
14 Berri The Sunshine After The Rain
15 Deuce On The Bible
16 The Rembrandts I'll Be There For You
17 Xpansions 95 Move Your Body
18 The Charlatans Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
19 The Outhere Brothers Boom Boom Boom
20 The Real McCoy Come And Get Your Love
21 Suggs I'm Only Sleeping / Off On Holiday
22 The Connells 74-'75
23 De'Lacy Hideaway
24 Boyzone So Good
25 Supergrass Alright / Time
26 Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know
27 Ali Campbell Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
28 Echobelly Great Things
29 Scatman John Scatman's World
30 U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
31 Felix Don't You Want Me
32 Montell Jordan Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz
33 The Shamen Destination Eschaton
34 Bjork Isobel
35 The Levellers Hope Street
36 Radiohead Just
37 Eusebe Summertime Healing
38 ADAM featuring Amy Zombie
39 Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You
40 Happy Clappers Hold On



So many great tracks in this week's chart, it really was a fantastic year for Dance and House remixes. My favourite being number 9 - an instant Michael Jackson classic


Number 16 was the theme to the best TV comedy show show of that year, decade and all time




And finally, number five was one the greatest pop songs of the 90s - absolutely timeless!

All in all it was a pretty fantastic time!






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