Hen Parties on Canal Street

So last night Joe and I went to the Gay Village in Manchester, we had a nice meal at Villagio's and enjoyed a couple of quiet drinks at the Molly House. When we got onto Canal Street after that it honestly didn't feel like a "gay" village anymore.

The street was packed with hen parties full of women dressed in a way that made Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" video look like Downton Abbey. I don't mean to sound judgmental but it looked like a convention for cheap prostitutes and it was obvious that their behaviour made the people at the bars feel very uncomfortable. There were so many hen parties out on the street at least one bar was charging at the door for people to come in, probably to detrcct all the "hens"

The reason places like the gay village are there is so that gay men and women can feel comfortable and not feel intimidated by anybody. The place is about acceptance and tolerance and should be treated that way.

I'm not in anyway suggesting that "straight" people should stay away from the village - the opposite in fact. I just strongly think that when people are heading to such a place they should have respect for the people around them and remember the reason why the village was created in the first place.

  • Tom
    Comment from: Tom
    05/09/11 @ 06:38:20 pm

    Did my other comment appear somewhere? Tom xx

  • Tom
    Comment from: Tom
    05/09/11 @ 06:40:54 pm

    You should try eating and drinking in the N4 like I do. It’s very accepting of people regardless of their backgrounds and the ‘hens’ haven’t found it yet. And if they do it will be them who feel uncomfortable as the music and the ‘vibe’ of the area doesn’t encourage the kind of night that hen parties crave. Canal Street, with its mix of techno music,cheesy pop and pretty boys is just what they are looking for in a night out.

  • Tom
    Comment from: Tom
    05/09/11 @ 06:41:35 pm

    I think I did it!! Tom xx Sorry about the mess up!

  • Comment from: bluejovanka
    06/09/11 @ 05:20:24 pm

    i don’t understand why certain places allow it. if people get rowdy in most places they are asked to leave

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