David Hoyle Interview with Andy Barclay

David Hoyle Interview

Hello David, how are you doing today?

Am Ok, just Glad Spring Coming-on & Leaving Winter Behind!

In The Psychiatrist, you play a character called 'Dr Rosenburg', without giving too much of the game away, what is it about the character that made you interested in playing the role ?

The Character of Dr.Rosenburg was irresistible to Me!
To Me He Reveals Facets of Authority & Maybe Control! How Truly Self-Aware is He? He causes questions rather than providing Answers !!!

You've worked extensively on stage and you've made lots of movies with Nathan Evans, and appeared in 1997s velvet goldmine, can we expect to see you doing more in film or are you always going to prefer the more hands on live performance?

I Do Love Live Performance, however I Would LOVE to Be engaged in More Film Work, as to TV?
I think T'internet is Worth Exploring!

You have a scene with an actor called Harley Bartles, whom you have worked with before, is it nice to act alongside friends, does that effect you're performance, or doesn't it really matter one way or the other?

It Was of Course A Great Joy being re-united with Harley, having Worked with Harley before as We were both in the cast of :- "For All The Wrong Reasons" - Which was a Co-Production between The Contact -Manchester & The Former Victoria Theatre Production Co.,( based in Ghent Belgium ) and Featured as Part of The inaugural Manchester Theatre Festival, We travelled Around The Benelux Countries, Northern France and even Singapore! Harley's character in "The Psychiatrist"  comes the closest to Seeing The "Good" Doctor for What He is ,thus I enjoyed the tension within Our Scenes

You are perhaps best known for the TV show 'The Divine David'. Do you think you'll ever want to working TV again in the future?

I'm interested in t'internet.

The Psychiatrist is said to be a dark comedy, do you think there will be humour in this for fans of you're comedy work, or is it too dark to raise any chuckles?
By that I mean, you're excellent movie 'Uncle David' had moments of real laugh out loud humour, does The Psychiatrist's script keep that dark / fun balance?

Yes I Like The Balance of Humour&amp&#59;Drama inherent to The Character of Dr.Rosenburg.The Script often Made Me want to Laugh-it was A Challenge remaining dead-pan & delivering The words Straight(ish) !

The film as well as being distributed in Europe is also being distributed in America, is that a country you've ever been to in a professional capacity?

No I Never Performed in The States ,maybe One Day!!?

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