They Called Him Zone ‘Only You’ single review By Andrew Barclay

They Called Him Zone ‘Only You’ single review By Andrew Barclay

Reading the ‘About’ Section on this group’s page you’ll see the following;

“The music of THEY CALLED HIM ZONE combines sultry electronica with chewed-up, modulated guitars, evoking rain-drenched, neon-daubed streets, proscribed chemicals, and black-clad malcontents wearing mirror shades after dark. And it’s always dark where they come from…”

This is pretty much a fair assessment of ‘They Called Him Zone’.
Signed to the ever excellent Ambicon Records label the first single ‘Gonna Have A Good Time’ was drenched in electronica and Peter Hook esque style bass but this single is way more upbeat in a sort of Euro pop way, but never veering too close to parody, this is very much the real deal.
The upbeat song is from the forth-coming mini album ‘Crow Swan Wolf’ and if this, and the
Previous dark and haunting single ‘Devil Dying’ are anything to go by it’ll be a fantastically dark work of sheer genius.

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