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Hen Parties on Canal Street

So last night Joe and I went to the Gay Village in Manchester, we had a nice meal at Villagio's and enjoyed a couple of quiet drinks at the Molly House. When we got onto Canal Street after that it honestly didn't feel like a "gay" village anymore. The… more »

The Golden Era Of 'Gay' Hollywood ?

Gay Actor David Hoyle Makes Film In Manchester.

Blackpool actor, comedian and onstage controversialist David Hoyle is set to make a new film here in manchester early next year. A gay icon and massive influence to many after his Channel Four show The Divine David, hoyle as kept on working on his l… more »

ME Patients considered dangerous?

It was to my surprise, and complete dismay that i awoke this morning to an article so biased and disturbing that i felt compelled to speak out against it. What was just as alarming as the 'message' was the messenger, non other than one of the UKs most r… more »

Amy Winehouse

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