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Bury Lions Carnival June 10th 2012

Crowds waiting the start
A picture of the crowds gathered in Peel Square, Bury awaiting the parade for Bury Carnival
On the same day that "thousands" attended the Manchester Parade, Bury had it's own. Bury's carnival and parade has been going for a lot longer than the Manchester "rip off" and we decided to attend the Bury one. Unfortunately in recent years the carniva… more »

Government equal civil marriage consultation

Further to my previous blog about the Coalition For EQUAL Marriage, the government are carrying out an equal civil marriage consultation. As quoted on the… more »

Manchester Metrolink: Paying More for an Inferior Service?

At the start of 2012 Metrolink prices went up by as much as 13% on some tickets, well above the current rate of inflation with is around 3.6%. Since this increase if fairs you would expect that the additional revenue would pay for the improvement of… more »

This month's retrochart: December 2004, Life before the X Factor

This month's retrochart - October 1990

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