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Naked booby ladies in the same papers that are outraged by Kate pics - a double standard? more »

Detachments 'Fade EP' Review

Detachments 'Fade EP' Review By Andrew Barclay     If you're one of those cynics who feels like music is dead and there is no more hope left, stop doing whatever you're doing right now, and give me your full attention ! Sorry about that heavy intro… more »

UK Prime Minister Issues Statement on LGBT World Pride

This afternoon Mr Cameron issued a statement on the Official Number 10 website: “The UK has been judged to be the best country in Europe in which to live if you’re gay so it is great that World… more »

Twitter, is it a good thing?

During my spell of illness I have spent a long time online, especially Twitter and I have noticed a lot more heated "tweets" with people throwing really personal insults about because of the most trivial things. I had a few insults thrown at me recen… more »

Time to vent - Here Are My Current Top 5 Peeves

Its good to vent every now and then, time to make the most of CoolManchester's "General rants!" function Here are the five things that have been annoying the damned heck (!) out of me recently: 5. Manchester's Metrolink more »
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