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General Election 2015 - Incredibly Dull!

The democratic right to a vote is one of the greatest things to possess, but so many people in this country just don't use it. Why is this? A couple of weeks ago the general election campaign started and usually by this point I'm having heated debates w… more »

Do you shop locally?

I'm afraid to say that we do it in fits and spurts rather than continuosly. We have an excellent local butcher, and the meat we get from there far exceeds the quality of meat you get from a "normal" supermarket. So why don't we shop there more often? Un… more »

Gabrielles Wish - Stand Together

Gabrielles Wish  Stand Together  Single Review By Paul Ripley       A fusion of hypnotic beats, catchy melodies, surreal arrangements and a Jah Wobble feel to the bass-lines, Gabrielles Wish new single Stand together has obvious references to the M… more »

10 Questions with Director Ben K Dyson

  Q1  Hello Ben. You're directing A New York Story, we interviewed Robbie Conway recently and he mentioned the film. It seems to be picking up quite a buzz, can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from the film without revealing spoilers… more »
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