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The Chacers Single Review

‘You Won’t Catch Me’ Single Review By CoolManchester       The Chacers have that coolAmericanathing going on that leans more to the Rock’N’Roll end of the spectrum than the ever popular country blues fusion we seem to hear more and more nowadays.   The… more »

TWINK Film Review

TWINK A film by Wade Radford & Jason Impey       Wade Radford is NOT your average LGBT filmmaker. His work is challenging, engaging and always controversial. Wade, who wrote and starred in ‘Sex Lies & Depravity’ and the gritty prison drama ‘Boys… more »

SupaJamma 'Hope And Pray' Single Review

SupaJamma 'Hope And Pray' Single Review By Andrew Barclay     SupaJamma features the exceptional vocal talents of one Mr Martin 'Sugar' Merchant' whom many will recall fronted the excellent 'Audioweb' who were criminally underrated. This single, 'Hope A… more »

David Hoyle Interview with Andy Barclay

David Hoyle Interview   Hello David, how are you doing today? Am Ok, just Glad Spring Coming-on & Leaving Winter Behind! In The Psychiatrist, you play a character called 'Dr Rosenburg', without giving too much of the game away, what is it about… more »

Section 25 'Dark Light' Album Review

Section 25 Dark Light Review By Andrew Barclay     Many years ago when I was around 6 or 7 years old I can remember playing all my dad's old cassette tapes (I wasn't allowed near the vinyl until I was much older). I chose what to listen to by how… more »
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