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AAAK Review By Rob Haynes

AAAK  Buildingscapebeat XXV Eromeda Records   Here’s one for connoisseurs of the electro-industrial scene – back in the late 1980s, in a pre-gentrified Manchester a good few years away from Madchester dancebeats and scally ubiquity, industrial duo AAAK… more »

What's 'Hot' This Summer

Manchester has long been known as THE city for new, vital music. That trend continues to this day, with a vast array of talented young bands producing some of the best music around at the moment. Over the Jubilee weekend Peter Hook is putting on shows c… more »

AAAK New Album

As Able As kane (AAAK) Totalitarian Tip Toe Review By Andrew Barclay   Back in Manchester in the late 80s and early 90s, the music most closely associated with the city was the psychedelic dance tinged beats of The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses.… more »
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