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General Election 2015 - Incredibly Dull!

The democratic right to a vote is one of the greatest things to possess, but so many people in this country just don't use it. Why is this?

A couple of weeks ago the general election campaign started and usually by this point I'm having heated debates with people on how we are all going to vote. This time, not so much..

To be honest, apart from the idiotic rants from UKIP loons, I have not really paid attention at all.

Both the main parties are spending too much time slagging the other one off  rather than selling their good points to us. All the usual shit slinging is taking place and no one is coming out well.

I know who I'm going to vote for, I decided a while ago, but there are many first time voters out there who do not know where to mark their cross and need to make informative decisions.

Politicians need to break out of their usual campaign modes and do something different. Otherwise I feel there could be a very low turnout with no one happy with the outcome

Apologies for a lack of recent posts. Time to reintroduce ourselves!

For those who know me, you will know that the last few months have been proper hectic, and I would like to apologise for neglecting my blog so much. 

My aim is to blog on a regular basis but in the meantime I thought it might be with introducing myself and my site...

It's been a couple of years in the making, but is properly back! For those who remember the original site, it was an open forum for people to discuss anything and everything. 

Things haven't changed much in that respect, but with the growing popularity of social networking sites, there really wasn't much of a reason to go to an open forum so this time around the site will be much more blogging based. 

For those who don't know me or are new to the site I'm not no sure how I would introduce myself on here, all I can say is when you read my blogs you should get an idea about the type of person I am 

So here I am, I hope you enjoy what I say but at the same time I hope people challenge what I say too. Everybody talks rubbish from time to time....My twitter ID is bluejovanka but friends call me Matthew. If you've worked out what my user id means, you've probably guessed that I'm a huge Doctor Who fan! Those of you who have seem my tweets though probably didn’t need to work out my username to guess....

The reason I have started blogging is because sometimes I need to rant or rave about something and a lot of the time 140 characters isn't enough to fully express my opinion (trust me when I say I have lots of those!!!)

But this is also a site you too, feel free to use the blogging facility to talk about anything and everything you wish, it doesn't even have to be Manchester based :)

- See more at:

Do you shop locally?

I'm afraid to say that we do it in fits and spurts rather than continuosly.

We have an excellent local butcher, and the meat we get from there far exceeds the quality of meat you get from a "normal" supermarket. So why don't we shop there more often? Unfortnately, like most people, it's just more convenient to shop in one place, at times that suit my working hours. But, that is a poor excuse.

As it currently stands, I would only be able to go to our local shops at the weekend. The butcher, is only open on a Saturday, which narrows down when I can get there. At the end of the week, the last thing I want to do it go shopping, but, I want to change that. Even if I can only get some to last me a couple of days, some sausages, some chicken, maybe a piece of meat to have in the evening, it would help my local economy.

A good friend of ours, Tom from Toms-Travels, recently posted about trying to spend more locally, and I hope to do the same, and invite you to do the same.

What is a local shop?
Simply, if you can find a shop in more than one town/city, then it isn't local.

Starting in November, I am going to try and buy in independant stores and support my local businesses. Even if I can only get a couple of days of food from there, I am doing my part.


The sign here may be American, but the idea is the same. If we all spend just a little more locally, we can stop our local businesses disappearing as they seem to be more and more nowadays.

So, do you shop locally? If not, how come? Is it the same reasons I have already said here, or something else? If you do, what is your favourite thing about local shopping?

The Village Bakers Great Village BakeOff Sunday 17th August 2014

The Village Bakers Great Village BakeOff Sunday 17th August 2014

No Soggy Bottoms at the Great Village Bake Off


The Annual Village Bakers ‘Great Village Bakers’ returns to Manchester’s Pride Fringe Festival on Sunday 17th August where Bakers will be working hard to drizzle that lemon and firming those buns to create a baking competition like no other.  The Village Bakers love to encourage new bakers and therefore all abilities and ages are welcome to participate no matter how skilled they are.


The format of the bake off is as easy as pie: sweet or savoury. Bake whatever you like, no limits (as long as you can fit it through the door), register online at the link below and turn up to the Molly House 1pm on Sunday 17th August. Entry costs £5 per entry with all proceeds going to Manchester Pride which helps local charities and community organisations.

The Village Bakers Great Village BakeOff Sunday 17th August 2014


The ‘Great Village Bake Off’ judging panel will be led by the wonderful and amazingly talented Howard Middleton (finalist in 2013 BBC Great British Bake Off) who added

“I’m delighted to be part of this year’s Great Village Bake Off. It promises to be great fun and a fab fund raiser. Hopefully we’ll make it through the event without any baking puns and innuendo. Oh, who am I kidding? Come along and let me judge your buns!” 

With such a talented judge at the helm Kevin Sargent Chair of Village Bakers added 

“Village Bakers are proud to be hosting The Great Village Bake Off  in its second year at the Manchester Pride Fringe Festival. This is a real opportunity to bring the LGBT community together to share a slice of cake with new and old friends. We are also extremely pleased to have Howard Middleton the BBC Great British Bake Off Finalist on hand to be checking for soggy bottoms!!”

The Village Bakers Great Village BakeOff Sunday 17th August 2014


The Great Village Bake Off aims to bring the LGBT community together during the Manchester Pride season, and this has been possible with the support of Key Sponsors Queen of Cakes and The Molly House. 


Paul Duffy, Manager of The Molly House explained that “The Molly House is delighted once again to support The Great Village Bake Off which is a showcase for The Village Bakers, a hugely popular community and social group. I cannot wait to sample more ingenious baking creations at this year’s event!”


The Village Bakers LGBT social group aims to Bake it! Bring it! and Share it! in Manchester’s Gay Village and was inspired by the Great British Bake Off. A true sign of its success and popularity is its current nomination for ‘community group/organisation of the year’ in the Lesbian and Gay Foundations Homo Hero Awards 2014, with community at the heart of everything they do, they are sure win this award. 

The Village Bakers Great Village BakeOff Sunday 17th August 2014


The awards are an initiative promoted by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) to acknowledge heroes within the LGBT community including businesses, volunteers, community groups & role models to name a few. 


The groups chairman and founder, Kevin Sargent has also been nominated for ‘volunteer of the year’ which reflects the impact the group has had in such short space of time. 


The success of this group doesn’t stop there with The Molly House the groups baking home also being nominated as Best LGBT Venue in the Homo Hero Awards, with all that cake on offer how could they fail to impress.


So grab your rolling pin, prove that bread, and squeeze your buns the village bakers are looking forward to judging your entry!  Enter online at the address below and come along with your tasty entry at the Molly House, Richmond Street, Manchester on 17th August 1pm


Ticket details: tickets available at

Price: £5 individual entry (+ 95p booking fee)

No charge for spectators

Check out Village Bakers on facebook:

Twitter: @villagebakers 


Venue address: The Molly House, Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3NB

Event Date: 17th August, Time: 1pm


Homo Heroes:


The Molly House: Richmond Street, Manchester 

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