Movie Review: About Time

We are very lucky (well we pay for it) to have a Cineworld Unlimited card. Other than the discount on concessions, Cineworld often have advanced screenings for upcoming film releases. Past screenings have been Wreck it Ralph and Now You See Me.

Tonights screening was the best without doubt. In fact, it is the best film I have seen in a very very long time. It's not out until the 4th September, but when it does come out, I would really recommend that you see it. Now I need to try and write something that gives nothing away! Lets start with a trailer.

It's not often I see a film I would watch again in the cinema after I have already seen it, but this I definitely would. From beginning to end the writing from Richard Curtis was absolutely brilliant. I think Love Actually was the last film from him that I love this much.

At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.

 This is the quick description from IMDB, but it doesn't give much away, which I think is a good thing. I knew the premise but none of the story so everything that happened suprised me and in a good way.

Tim is played by the very hot Domhnall Gleeson, I certainly wouldn't say no to him. The name is an odd one, but you might recognise him as Bill Weasley from the last Harry Potter film. I would like one order of him with a side of Rupert Grint please Santa. Matthew said after the film that he reminded him of Hugh Grant and I think I agree. He a loveable character and you can't help live his life with him through the film. 

It was nice to see what I assume is the last cameo from Richard Griffiths alongside Richard E. Grant (of Doctor Who Fame :) )

Bill Nighy plays Tim's father, and he plays it just like you would expect Bill Nighy to play it. Excellently. From the beginning when you see him explaining the time travel thing and quite a long "fuuuuuccckkkk" to the last, very emotional scene, he makes you believe that he is that person and he can time travel.

Movie Review: About Time


I can't emphasise enough how much I think you would like this film. Please see it! 

If you are interested in a Cineworld Card, take a look at and if  you do decide to signup, please use my promotion code which will give me a free month, and you your 13th month free! The code is RAF-62XS-16WX-63KG-51NB

I definitely give this film 11 out of 10 and will definitely be getting this when it is released on Blu Ray to watch again and again.


Peter Capaldi is The Doctor: Five Reasons Why I'm Very Pleased

Back in June Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, announced his resignation after four years. At the time I was disappointed as I genuinely believe he has been the best Doctor since the series came back. However, as a lifelong Doctor Who fan I understand that no actor really wants to stay in the role forever as it can be physically demanding and limit the actor from playing any other roles.

Part of the excitement of the show though, is the transition period between Doctors, starting with the speculation on who the next actor or actress is going to be. This time around there were some weird and wonderful names like Dawn French, Dominic Cooper, Ben Wishaw and even Billie Piper being speculated about in the press until the bookies suspended bets as they had become almost certain who the actor was going to be.

Peter Capaldi "almost certainly" new Doctor, say bookies

For a change, it looks like they were right this time!

Peter Capaldi is The Doctor: Five Reasons Why I'm Very Pleased

To me, this is a very bold decision, when I saw Peter Capaldi's name being mentioned on these bookies lists I thought to myself that would be a great idea but for some reason I just didn't see it happening as the actor is so different from anyone that has gone before him.

I know I should only really judge him when I have seen some episodes with him as The Doctor, but when the announcement was made by Zoe Ball on Sunday night I have to admit I did let out a bit of a scream of pleasure.

I am just so very, very happy with this decision and here are the reasons why:

1. He's a great actor Take a look as his CV [], he has been in so many great things and he is never less than great im them. Notably four series of the intensly funny "The Thick of It", the surreal and magnificent "Neverwhere" and a very good guest appearance with David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the excellent "Fires of Pompeii"

On the subject of him being in Doctor Who and Torchwood before, people really shouldn't make and issue of it. Doctors and assistants have been appearing in the show as guests before their main roles from as early as 1965 when Peter Purvis played an American tourist only a couple of episodes before he played Stephen. After this, Harry, Martha, Gwen Cooper and Amy have done the same thing. The best example of this was Colin Baker turning up as a bit of a bastard in the Fifth Doctor's "Ark Of Infinity."

2. He's an older gent

I know the actor's age shouldn't make a difference as the timelord is over 1,000 years old and has taken on many appearances, but I think with him being played by an older man this time there will be less speculation about any sexual tension between himself and a the attractive young assistant. I was never comfortable with The Doctor snogging every companion!

3. He's a lifelong Doctor Who fan

This article in today's Independant backs up my point:

'After news that Peter Capaldi was chosen as the new Doctor yesterday, it has emerged that the Thick of It star has been a fan of the show for over forty years.

The actor, 55, wrote an enthusiastic letter to Radio Times magazine aged 15 in praise of the show. In a letter entitled ‘Dalek-builders’ he said:

“May I congratulate you on your excellent Dr Who Special. The articles, photos, and especially the Terry Nation Dalek story with the twist in the tail, were excellent.

The Dalek construction plans will have no doubt inspired many a school to build their own Daleks. Who knows, the country could be invaded by an army of school Daleks! Ah, but we’d be sage, as we’d have Dr Who to protect us!

Your Special has certainly made the year for Dr Who fans. A rather sad year due to the un-timely death of the Master, alias Roger Delgado. But I hope that in 15 years’ time, in 1988, you will publish another Special to celebrate 25 years of wandering in time with the Doctor.”

Peter Capaldi (aged 15)

Today it emerged Capaldi’s love for the series was a major factor in the creator’s casting choice.

Doctor Who creator Steven Moffat said: “I happen to know Capaldi is a big fan. There’s something very seductive about an utterly brilliant, arresting looking leading man actor…who you happen to know is a big fan of the show.”'

4. He's a man

This is not a sexist thing, but the character of The Doctor is a man. Why should this change? No one ever starts campaigns about the next James Bond being a woman do they? That's all I'm saying on the matter as to me it's a point that is not even worth debating...

5. He physically looks the part

There are some actors that just look perfect for the part, take a look at this brilliant clip someone has made on youtube:

It all works doesn't it?

Of course, I could be completely wring about all this, as the Seventh Doctor said, "Time will tell, it always does..." For the moment though, the signs are extremely promising.

Retrochart - August 1989 - Good Times!

This was the last summer of 1989 and as a child I remember it being a very good one. My memories of the year were being in Mallorca and bugging every DJ in every bar to play something by Kylie!

Then there was the Hitman Roadshow! Everything that was played on my hi-fi that year had "PWL" on the label, I was completely obsessed [not like now of course!]

These were the top ten movies in August 1989:

1 Parenthood
2 Turner and Hooch
3 Lethal Weapon 2
4 When Harry Met Sally…
5 Batman
6 Lock Up
7 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
8 Young Einstein
9 Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
10 Dead Poets' Society

That's a pretty great list isn't it? This was the year that I started to go to the cinema a lot without my parents. I used to hop on the bus outside my house to the local Curzon cinema and pay £2.00 to see the new release of the week. If it was a kids film I took my two little brothers with me [I was a nice child back then...]

Batman was easily the best film of the summer. I think I went three times to see it! [Twice in one day!] I found the fact that is was the first film with a "12" rating fascinating...

When my pocket money wasn't being spent in the cinema, the Woolworths in Urmston got the rest of it. 7 inch singles in 1989 went down to £1.49 [which seems pretty expensive now!]

One song on the below list was purchased the second Woolworths opened when I also bought the cassette single and 12 inch, can you guess what it was?

1 Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers Swing The Mood
2 Kylie Minogue Wouldn't Change A Thing/It's No Secret
3 Sonia You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You
4 Lil' Louis French Kiss
5 Bros Too Much
6 Gloria Estefan Don't Wanna Lose You
7 Bobby Brown On Our Own
8 Alice Cooper Poison
9 Rufus & Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody
10 London Boys London Nights
11 Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings
12 Kirsty MacColl Days
13 Soul II Soul Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
14 Martika Toy Soldiers
15 Transvision Vamp Landslide Of Love
16 Inner City Do You Love What You Feel
17 Karyn White Superwoman
18 A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
19 Simple Minds Kick It In
20 Shakespear's Sister You're History
21 Simply Red A New Flame
22 The Lightning Seeds Pure
23 Paul McCartney This One
24 Gladys Knight Licence To Kill
25 Blow Monkeys featuring Sylvia Tella Choice
26 Prince Batdance
27 Pet Shop Boys It's Alright
28 Redhead Kingpin & The FBI Do The Right Thing
29 The Primitives Sick Of It
30 Dogs D'Amour Satellite Kid
31 Wendy & Lisa Satisfaction
32 Waterfront Cry
33 GUN Better Days
34 Monie Love Grandpa's Party
35 De La Soul Say No Go
36 Aswad On And On
37 Michael Jackson Liberian Girl
38 We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It Self!
39 Liza Minnelli Losing My Mind
40 The Beautiful South Song For Whoever

I think this is my favourite ever retrochart - SO many good singles. At the time I despised the number one single for obvious reasons, but today I appreciate it for what it is.

There are too many great songs to pick my favourites on this list but I'll give it a try!

Extended Manchester Pride Fringe Festival Programme Commences Thursday 1 August 2013

Acclaimed "living cartoon" Ennio Marchetto's exclusive UK dates highlight of longest and most diverse Pride Fringe Festival yet.

The Manchester Pride 2013 Fringe programme starts Thursday 1 August with a fabulous three-course charity dinner at Living Ventures' Grill on New York Street, hosted by colourful Manchester Pride Patron Christopher Biggins, as well as show-stopping live performances from Alexander Stewart and The Bobbysocks.Biggins at the Grill kicks off an event-packed schedule that includes a varied and engaging selection of film screenings, theatre productions, concerts, community events, exhibitions, and workshops.

Award-winning entertainer Ennio Marchetto will be performing two exclusive dates during this year's Fringe festival, which has been extended for the first time throughout the month of August. Ennio Marchetto's witty performances feature quick-change artistry, impersonation, and his trademark  paper costumes.  Ennio will be joined on the bill by Up4aMeet?, an outrageous "naked gay comedy" starring The X Factor's Lloyd Daniels and Big Brother legend Nikki Grahame.

Manchester Pride is pleased to have provided financial support for a number of participating events, including a new production from Fringe stalwarts New Attitude Theatre Company, the Village Bakers' Great Village Bake Off, female comedy nights in partnership with Laughing Cows, and Manchester Pride Writers In Residence Young Enigma, who are presenting four events across the month.

The Fringe is also hosting a screening of Dream On, director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan's debut film which centres on two teenagers who fall in love on a Welsh campsite, and a reading of Chris Hoyle's new play, The Other Team about homophobia on the football pitch, a subject which will be discussed further at the Football v Homophobia conference in association with Pride Sports and the FARE Network.

Manchester Sharksthe North West's first gay and lesbian water polo team, and running group Manchester Frontrunners will host popular Pride Fringe events for those interested in trying new activities. Sports fans are also invited to attend the Pride CupRugby League match held by Salford City Reds and Leeds Rhino.

The City of Salford will hold a unique celebration of music, water, and paint inspired by the Holi Festival. Colour of Salford takes place in Greengate Square, Salford's newest public space.

Manchester's renowned contemporary visual arts and independent cinema venue Cornerhouse will be screening films as part of the touring LGBT film festival Poutfest, and a digitally remastered print of MGM classic The Wizard of Oz, in its full three-strip Technicolor glory. The visual arts are also represented in Watchamacallit!, a selection of pieces by artist Nick Franklin, local photographer Lee Baxter's latest exhibition Gays of Manchester, and Off Kilter  - new work from a collective of regional queer artists led by Ian Rayer-Smith.

If I Can Dream? an Elvis Presley-themed musical, MaD Theatre Company's latest comedy Posh Tramps and Papooses, and Martini Bond, a surreal tale of James Bond's illegitimate daughter, look set to thrill theatre audiences, and the Pride Fringe's ground-breaking free Chamber Music concerts return for another year. Florence and the Machine, Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams collaborator Owen Pallett (formerly Fighting Fantasy) will also be performing.

Chair of Manchester Pride's board, Vicken Couligian, said:

I am delighted to introduce the Pride Fringe programme 2013. We hope that extending the festival gives visitors more opportunity to enjoy our diverse programme. We are proud to be supporting many events, exhibitions, and productions throughout the Fringe, which we hope will shine a spotlight on the wealth of LGBT artistic talent and community groups in the North West

A list of events and details can be found at


Manchester Pride

Manchester Pride is an award-winning festival for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The festival will take place throughout August, with the Big Weekend running from 23 - 26 August 2013. Advance Big Weekend tickets are available at a price of £21 from


Original Sugababes joined by old friends, new faces, and the stars of hit shows Wicked and Rent 20th Anniversary Concert .

Mutya Keisha Siobhan headline Sunday night's eclectic extravaganza of musical entertainment on the Main Arena stage at Manchester Pride, the UK's leading LGBT Pride event.

Anticipation for the group's new material has been rising since they announced their return in July 2012.

The girls, who release their new single 'Flatline' on September 1st, will next week play their first full headline show together in over 12 years together. Tickets sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale earlier this month.

Avant garde pop artist and friend of Manchester Pride Patrick Wolf returns to the Big Weekend for an exclusive acoustic set, Ren Harvieu follows up her spectacular performance at April's Supersonic charity dinner with an eagerly-awaited appearance, and BRIT award-winning musician Kate Nash makes her debut in the Main Arena.

Joining these exciting artists are up-and-coming rhythm and blues band The Quangos, retro vocal harmony group The Bobbysocks, electro-pop act Go Native, and singers Rebecca James and Matthew Wilson. The casts of touring shows Rent 20th Anniversary Concert and Wicked will also be performing a selection of songs from the hit musicals.

Chief Executive of fundraising charity Manchester Pride, John Stewart said "It's great to welcome new friends and familiar faces to the Main Arena stage for a day of fantastic entertainment. 

"We have a brilliantly varied programme for the Manchester Pride Big Weekend on Sunday.  From a reunited Mutya Keisha Siobhan headlining to smash show tunes from the casts of Wicked and Rent 20th Anniversary Concert, there really is something for everyone.

"With their new single due for release in September and album scheduled for early 2014, Mutya Keisha Siobhan are creating a huge buzz of anticipation.  The girls will go all out to ensure a memorable performance and bring Sunday's main stage to a storming close."

Advance Big Weekend  tickets are still available at a price of £21 from and selected outlets.

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